10 Most Controversial Storylines Of WWE’s PG Era

10 Most Controversial Storylines Of WWE’s PG Era


  1. You have an idiot claiming punk is a millionaire yet how long was it since last wrestled for wwe and only paid 500 k for the mma debacle can anyone lead punk to unemployment line lol

  2. First of all i dont think that Matt ACTUALLY burn Jeff's house and also killed his dogs,yes Jeff's house got burned and his dog is dead but it isnt because of matt hardy's doing,it was a real life accident that got WWE intervent themself into.

  3. #3: mental illness is a real and serious thing, but not everyone who claims mental illness has one and people do sometimes use it as an excuse for bad behavior. Really though they didn't need to try to explain Orton's behavior.

  4. The only thing punk ever did that I liked was leaving with the belt and then I really liked it when he showed he was the biggest pussy in the world and quit like the whinny little bitch he is


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