5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (May 4)

5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (May 4)


  1. Why r white pple so offended when they hv to work for rich asian pple…. 😅 Like seriously… If its a rich white European or American.. No problem… 😅….. Not supporting Saudi Arabia…. But.. Stop claiming a moral high ground…. Wwe has to expand in asia..no matter how….its business…stop crying out 😒

  2. Minnesota already had Jesse The Body Ventura as their Governor, so Kane as Mayor is not that outrageous. I wish him good luck and I'd vote for him if I lived there.

  3. Seriously? I unsubscribed months ago because of talks of politics or pushing political correctness on this channel and decided that maybe I jumped to conclusions and came back because I loved the content so much. Only to find out that the first video I've watched in months from this channel, did exactly that, pushed political correctness… Look, I know you guys are English and from all sorts of other countries other than America, but look what PC culture did to your country's. It ruined them. Stop pushing that bullshit over here, we don't want it. Just report on what happens in wrestling with your comedic skills. That's what brought you fans. No one gives a shit about your political leanings or your Word policing abilities. I guarantee I probably agree with none of y'all's politics but love wrestling with as much passion as each and everyone of you, so just do what you do, and keep it wrestling….

  4. Send you designs?!?!? Do you realize how much money people get paid to do t-shirt design? And you want people to do this for free? Go fuck yourself.

  5. "The purists." LMFAO! Are you kidding me?! LOL! My dude, it's always been about ENTERTAINMENT. ROFLMAO! There isn't anything "pure" in pro-wrestling you…very young person who just recently learned to grow facial hair in the last few years. You're hilarious.


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