8 WWE Tag Team Stars Who Couldn’t Cut It As Singles

8 WWE Tag Team Stars Who Couldn’t Cut It As Singles


  1. Billy Gunn AND Road Dogg's booking was fukked up. Just after they split, as the Hardcore belt was starting, RD & BG clashed and got a' Taker/Mankind pop but the fight degenerated into a tin can pissant hardcore fight and people stopped giving a fuck.

  2. Before this video starts, these are some of the people I think are on this list:
    1) Jim “The Anvil”Neidhart
    2) Stevie Ray
    3) Marty Jannette
    4) of course Billy Gunn
    5) Rick Steiner
    6) Tito Santana (after the Strike Force broke up)
    7) Smash (Repo Man) of demolition

    Am I being too old school with my responses???

  3. And number 1…

    Simon from WhatCulture, the guy that wears two sizes too small shirts to attempt making himself visually look big.

    When he's really far from it. : 3

  4. The dreadful decisions of the WWE of the 00's and 10's, dear me, it's all flooding back to me. They nailed the product in 99-01. They had it all. They've done it. And they've lost it all. Even when workers like Punk came in and gave 'it' back to them, they threw it at the wall. Now they're stuck in the past, they will never ever again have another Stone Cold, Rock or even a new uber heel like Triple H with the piss poor attitude, booking and scripting they evolved in the 00's.

  5. Hold on a second there sparky. Calling Bully Ray successful in TNA is a bit too much. That whole run was a train wreck. TNA at the time was on par with the end days of WCW during that time.


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