Adam Cole hears it from the Brooklyn crowd after TakeOver goes off the air

Adam Cole hears it from the Brooklyn crowd after TakeOver goes off the air: Aug. 19, 2017

The NXT Universe continues to buzz about Adam Cole’s surprising debut after TakeOver: Brooklyn III goes off the air.

Source: WWE Youtube


  1. I see the seeds of an R.O.H. invasion angle against NXT…Nigel McGuiness is there commentating for NXT WWE has been signing most of the top talent in R.O.H. now with the recent signings of Bobby Fish Kyle O'Riley Adam Cole Donovan Dijak and Lio Rush later to come.

  2. I just can't see these guys winning the nxt tag titles and nxt titles just after showing up and since we have mew champions. I'm not saying they're bad but I am saying I think HHH will keep the titles on SAnity and McIntyre for a little while before Bobby, Kyle, and Adam win the titles

  3. Monday Night Raw- repetitive same main eventers fighting each other every Monday part time heavy weight champion
    smackdown – land of opportunity better chance of winning belts better promotes less predictable than raw
    nxt – everything the main roster should Be not run by Vince or Kevin Dunn focus on the wrestlers and wrestling better storylines better build ups promos on point doesn't feel like it's scripted

  4. To every saying "Who is Adam Cole?" its ok if you don't if all you watch is WWE. But seriously, he's awesome.

    And check out NJPW and ROH matches of his (and others, these two promotions argueably have better matches going on then WWE right now)


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