Asuka vows to remain NXT Women’s Champion after her hard-fought victory: Aug. 19, 2017

Asuka vows to remain NXT Women’s Champion after her hard-fought victory: Aug. 19, 2017

Asuka is exhausted but determined to remain NXT Women’s Champion after conquering Ember Moon at TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

Source: WWE Youtube


  1. Everyone here complains that Asuka should go to the main roster. I wondee how many of you will still support her if she is not used properly.

  2. Unstoppable? Undefeated? Before WWE Asuka lost many many matches (her ring name was Kana), she was planned to lose about 50/60% of her matches, if you don't believe, go to see informations about her career. She was ignored by the main japanese female wrestling because too unskilled and every time a company planned for her to lose more than a little, she always left it, because she is a weak whining loser child too much grown. At a certain point she even started creating her own events, that's RIDICULOUS. One of these self-promotions was called something like “Kana pro”…did you hear it?? “Kana Pro”, the most pathetic thing a wrestler can do is to create its own event and calling it with its name + “pro” XD . Only WWE could give so much importance to a such weakling, unskilled wrestler who is not even able to score a decent kick, then I'm not surprised if the general quality of WWE wrestling is horrible. By the way, the emperors and the empresses are the ones who believe in the wrong things: weakness, continue dissatisfaction, frustration and sadness (beyond a false smile), that's their fate, so it has always been, and always will be, yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, I used to watch for free (disappointed, though) WWE even knowing its horrible quality, but after knowing some TRUE wrestling (some TRUE PRO WRESTLING) the will of watching WWE decreased more and more and now I would feel a cheap worthless one in watching a single WWE match. I will not read any possible reply, here or wherever they are written, I don't spend much of my time for weaklings.

  3. As long as Auska keeps delivering kick as performances besides people need to remember the mae young classic is coming up, so at Takeover Houston it will likely be Auska vs the winner of that tournament

  4. They should put Asuka in the main roster with her title just like what they did with Sasha. She should win the Raw or Smackdowns women's championship and strip her NXT women's championship and so that way she will remain undefeated.

  5. I Told You, Ember Moon Will Not Beat Asuka! Kairi Sane is The Only One Who Can!
    Triple H Knows Asuka vs Kairi Will Be a Classic! That's Why Ember Did Not Win!

  6. This why now they have to bring Asuka's streak up to the main roster! Ember was a horrible choice from the beginning to even be considered as the one to end the streak. Given the facts that through out 2015 and 2016 Ember wrestled Asuka and was not only destroyed by Asuka, but tapped out each and every time which is what hurt Ember as believable choice! Also those matches are on youtube! The only real logical move now is to move Asuka to either Raw or SDLive during or after Summer Slam undefeated! This is the only right move WWE. So, don't screw it up with another lame attempt by Ember. She is not the one! So please do the WWE Universe a favor! Make the right move and move Asuka up to the main roster and leave Ember at the bottom where she belongs!


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