Big Returns (And One Resurrection) Occurred During G1 Climax Finals

Big Returns (And One Resurrection) Occurred During G1 Climax Finals

The G1 Climax finals happened last night for NJPW and some surprise returns went down … as well as one resurrection.

The first occurred before intermission when Katsuyori Shibata made his first appearance since sustaining a subdural hematoma earlier this year. While Shibata’s future as a wrestler is very much in the air still, he left the crowd with a simple message … saying, “I’m alive. That’s all.”

Later in the show, after the IWGP Tag Team Championship match, the Killer Elite Squad returned by ambushing War Machine and Guerrillas of Destiny. The tag team had been sidelined since February after Lance Archer suffered a herniated disc that required surgery.

Finally, the penultimate match of the evening saw the beloved Daryl Takahashi return from the dead. Daryl was brutally torn to shreds earlier in the G1 by Bad Luck Fale, but appears to be on the mend as he was sporting a cast while accompanying Hiromu Takahashi to the ring.

Which return at the G1 Climax excited you the most? Sound off in the comments below.



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