Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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"Alpha Female" Jazzy Gabert Cleared For Action Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert has been sidelined for 6 months after undergoing neck surgery, but “Alpha Female” learned on Friday that she’s been cleared for action. Gabert shared the news on Instagram...
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Chris Jericho Set to Appear in WWE's Upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble WWE just announced that Chris Jericho and 14 other Superstars have officially been added to the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. According to the press release sent out...
Daniel Bryan Reflects on Return to the Ring (VIDEO) Daniel Bryan says he loved his return to the ring at WrestleMania 34 and looking at a picture afterward of his daughter watching his entrance made him cry. Bryan spoke...
Ex-Impact Wrestling Star Bobby Lashley Returns to WWE Bobby Lashley made his return to WWE on the “Raw After Mania” and made one thing clear … he doesn’t walk with Elias. Lashley — who recently left Impact Wrestling — interrupted...
Being the Elite "Finale" Ended With Some Big Cliffhangers (VIDEO) Is Being the Elite over? Judging by the cliffhangers at the end of Episode 100, things certainly seem to be going that way. The episode — titled “Finale” —...
Ex-Impact Star Garza Jr. Reportedly Signs With WWE Garza Jr. — who had most recently been appearing on Impact Wrestling — has reportedly signed a deal with WWE and will soon begin training in NXT. According to Spanish publication Diario Pasala — via SuperLuchas.com —  Garza allegedly said he recently passed...
Alberto El Patron Terminated from Impact Wrestling Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Alberto El Patron was fired from Impact Wrestling today … this after he didn’t appear as scheduled at the Impact vs. Lucha Underground event. The company put out a...
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The Top 20 WrestleMania moments (No.16 to 20)   The WWE often talk about WrestleMania moments. This isn’t a list of the best matches, but simply a list of unforgettable individual moments that have become immortalised.     Here are the first 5 WrestleMania...
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