Future of Honor: Ryan Nova vs O.G. Mike

Future of Honor: Ryan Nova vs O.G. Mike

This week we have a match between the debuting Ryan Nova and one of Future of Honor’s most popular competitors, O.G. Mike!

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  1. Definetly want to see more Nova, great promo, great heel work and an impressively diverse move set for such a young future star (no pun intended)

  2. Good match, if a bit long. Nova has a fantastic voice for promos, and if he works on his footwork and bulks up, he could be a competent wrestler someday. That bridging wristlock was pretty damn cool too. OG Mike impressed me as well. He looks like a young Michael Elgin. I see him as being a good power/technical fusion wrestler in the future.

  3. i would ilke nasty Leroy vs OG Mike I think you will be a good match my fact only can be a great match will give him a cold dose of a nasty reality


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