GFW Destination X Pre-Show | Destination X LIVE Thursday, August 17th, 2017

GFW Destination X Pre-Show | Destination X LIVE Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Destination X takes place LIVE on Thursday, August 17th from The IMPACT Zone in Orlando, FL. It is a 2 hour event that will shape the future of GFW for the next several years. Who will leave as World Champion? Who will win The Super X Cup? A Ladder Match! GFW Knockouts and much more Thursday.

Source: GFW Youtube


  1. Why won't they change there Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Website to GFW since that's company name and IMPACT! is the Tv show?

  2. I have to work, so I won't get to see it live, but my DVR will be set, and my ass will be watching soon as I get home. This is looking to be a great card, despite some lack of build.

  3. This funny what Josh said in this video he and Pope announce the matches with other guy…😅😅😅👍👍🤘🤘💪💪💪🤔

  4. Tag division is so weak there is no tag title match. They had so many. Decay, Wolves, LAX, Broken Hardys, VOW, Laredo Kid and Garza, Reno Scum, and that's from the top of my head

  5. So Low Ki is having a World title match at Destination X? With just 1 week of "build up" and storyline? STAHHHHHHHHP. TNA. GFW. STAHHHHHHHHHHP. Stop doing that. LEARN!!!

  6. Good job with the hype and production, well done. Looking forward to see Destination X . Good luck with the show 🙌 I think Low Ki wins it! Also watch out for Desmond Xavier.

  7. Predictions:
    Low Ki wins GFW Unified World championship
    Gail Kim wins KO title
    Sonjay Dutt wins x-division title
    Dezmond Xavier wins super x cup
    Matt Sydal wins and becomes #1 contender

  8. The inconsistency with this company is ridiculous. You have put a pre-show for Destination X on YouTube a week early! PRE-SHOW means before the fucking show not a week early. Fools


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