Kofi Kingston is concerned about the condition of Big E & Xavier Woods: Exclusive, Oct. 8, 2017

Kofi Kingston is concerned about the condition of Big E & Xavier Woods: Exclusive, Oct. 8, 2017

Source: WWE Youtube

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  1. Honestly this match showed that these tag teams are the only ones that actually love and have passion for this company and their characters……classic match and it should have been the main event

  2. Great work to big e and xwoods best work of the night. Kofi its a tag match not a 3 on 2 handicap u cant be in the cell u ho

  3. Honestly, in my opinion it was a GREAT choice to open with that match, kept my attention fersure. And I'm hyped the usos won, I know NEW DAY are great performers n all, but i think the faction itself has kind of ran its course. They should keep them as friends but let them go solo, kofi and Big E need more singles title runs. Not huge on Xavier tho, he can stay in a tag team hahaha

  4. People even if kofi get a title run. Don't mean the new day will break up. They can Conquer all titles together. One for the us championship. One for wwe championship and they can still go for the tag team championship. All for one one for all. New day rock's.

  5. This segment should be a precursor to Kofi getting kicked out of New Day, like Orton got kicked out of Evolution. Big E and Woods turn heel and add a new member.

  6. That Hell in a Cell Match Was Reckless and Ruthless And A Classic Match Hands Down Hats Off Too Both Teams✊🏿💯✅‼️

  7. That was an incredible rivalry and incredible match of the year candidate. You all should be proud thank you an awesome match

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