Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish unleash vicious post-match assault on SAnitY: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish unleash vicious post-match assault on SAnitY: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish make a bold statement by attacking the new NXT Tag Team Champions: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Source: WWE Youtube

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  1. really!? what the hell is this all about?? we thought we're gonna see the new title celebration after they beat authors of pain but this is what we got?? talked about winning celebration ended up awry.

    this could be that Kyle o Reilly & bobby fish will be the next NXT tag team champions and so was Adam Cole who will be next NXT champion as well.

    wow. just wow. what a way to end NXT takeover here in brookyn. #worstendingever

  2. Authors of pain drop the titles, lose the rematch next week on NXT…2 weeks passed. Then they reveal themselves as the ones that trashed breezangos office and debut on Smackdown .. 😪😪 Then they squash breezango …unfortunately

  3. Wwe missed out on a big opportunity.. why not replace wyatt for roman and have all 3 shield members take on the bullet club with balor? Just for adam cole bobby fish and kyle o rielly to come help put and lay a beating like the nexus did and have them go to smackdown and jump the new day leading to a 6 on 6 match at survivor series only to have aj styles come out and help attack the bullet club for turning on him at NJPW leading to a aj vs fin balor match at wrestlemania

  4. I actually don't know much about ReDragon but Kyle's from my home city and I've had the pleasure seeing him wrestle in the indies so i'm excited to see him on Nxt.

  5. I don't care that Fish and O'Reilly are here. This is only the beginning and in a few more months SAnity will take over NXT!

  6. RedDragon are your next NXT tag champs when Sanity drops the straps.

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