Last-Minute WWE Backlash 2018 Rumours You Need To Know

Last-Minute WWE Backlash 2018 Rumours You Need To Know


  1. I could agree with most of this, but Carmella hasn't really dodged Charlotte at this point. This is the rematch to the cash in. I could see her weaseling her way to retaining (probably via IIconics interference) and another match being set up for the next ppv. In that time frame, Becky loses a few times and THEN turns in the next one though. However I do agree that it can't go on past that with mella and Charlotte.

  2. Some of these rumours are ones I'd definitely like to see, but that makes me somewhat hyped about the ppv, and the last time I was hyped about a wwe ppv (wrestlemania with that great card), start was great, and it just got worse. So I don't really see almost any of these things happening

  3. I'm sick of them saying this with the IC and Raw Tag Titles


    Happened last year with Chris Jericho when he won the US Championship and then lost it 2 nights later on Smackdown.

    The Bar even said on the Smackdown before GRR that it would be their last smackdown because they'd be going back to Raw.

    So a Finn heel turn wouldn't cost Raw anything.


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