Throwback Thursday: Kevin Steen vs El Generico, Fight Without Honor

Throwback Thursday: Kevin Steen vs El Generico, Fight Without Honor

It was a yearlong feud that could only end in a Fight Without Honor! At Final Battle 2010 Kevin Steen and El Generico had one of their most brutal matches with major consequences on the line. On one side, El Generico’s mask and on the other, Kevin Steen’s Ring of Honor career.

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  1. Good match great story and a nice touch of blood. This is an example of why blood can be a major part of the match it enhances the storyline to prove that they hate each other if only wwe allows that creative freedom

  2. This is going to my Favorites. This match was so fucking good. Truly on of the best matches ROH has ever held before the NJPW boom.

  3. One of my favourite matches of all time, but this was by far one of the worst crowds ever. Some of the last near falls barely got a pop.

  4. I miss 2000's roh, that roster was amazing, now is great (just like this match) but that time wrestlers matches feuds were pure gold + One of the best feud of all time (in wrestling history)

  5. This match is the perfect storm. Storytelling, psychology, technical wrestling, hardcore spots, and 2 men who legitimately love their sport. Can't get much better than that ladies and gents…


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