Women of Honor: Sumie Sakai vs Kris Wolf

Women of Honor: Sumie Sakai vs Kris Wolf

This week on Women of Honor STARDOM! High Speed Champion Kris Wolf steps into the ring with Sumie Sakai.

Source: ROH Youtube


  1. That was kind of cheap using recycled content. Should have been a never before seen match not one leftover from the weekly TV taping. I didn't watch this match for the reason I'd already seen it.

  2. Trivia note: This match was taped on June 24th and aired on July 29th.   Kris Wolf lost the STARDOM High Speed Title to Shanna on July 16th.

  3. Great match! I think by early 2018 Ring of Honor is going to be more main stream and TV produced. It's grown so much recently and I love it.

  4. With this pending deal with STARDOM , could we possibly get more josh I wrestler (preferably popular ones) to be integrated into the Women of Honor program? It provide more exposure for the women of Japan and how gifted they can be.

  5. Great women match here watch…This was great these two female shake hands after the match and one women gave a kiss 😘😘😘to other woman.👍👍💪💪💪🤘🤘❤❤❤😊😊😊🤝


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