WWE Announce New PPV | NXT TakeOver: Chicago Pre-Show News

WWE Announce New PPV | NXT TakeOver: Chicago Pre-Show News



  1. Undertaker beats HHH in Australia, John Cena at Summerslam, Lesnar Survivor Series, wins the Rumble, and finally beats Roman at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title for his final retirement tour.

  2. i went to a house show in sydney and shawn micheals was the gm because john cena broke his nose by seth rollins knee in 2015 and we had dean ambrose vs seth rollins in a steel cage for the wwe champion it was actually pretty good for a house show and we also had chris jericho vs daniel bryan

  3. of course it will be a like TGRR … big Houseshow…. but will be an event in a Stadion outside North America… im ALL IN 😉 with something like this i always get Summer Slam 92 feelings….

  4. MCG is a 100,000 to 120,000 seating configuration… I estimate that by the time you get seating on the field maximum capacity would push 150,000 which if a sell out would smash any maina

  5. I’m worried that they might not sell out the show. The MCG is fucking HUGE. It can fit over 100k in just the stands alone, and the ground area is massive. It could hold 150k easily.
    Edit: I’ve played football on the MCG, so to be able to say I’ve competed on the same ground as the Undertaker will be an incredible honour

  6. I live in Australia and have no intention of going to this show with the state of the current product. If it was solely a NxT show I'd probably go, but because its main roster and them proving me right with thinking The Greatest Royal Rumble being a glorified house show.


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