WWE Backstage News On Lesnar Vs Reigns Ending BOTCH

WWE Backstage News On Lesnar Vs Reigns Ending BOTCH


  1. The reason lesnar is still Universal champion is that WWE just looked at the calender and remembered that heyyy Lesnar is soon gonna beat cm punk's title reign. Let's do that then he will drop the title to Reings.

  2. He's getting it at money in the bank. Vince just wants lesnar to break punks title reign record which he will on june 5th i believe which is like a week and a half before MITB.

  3. Brock Lesnar is a heel, so he will be a heel. He is successful if fans are sick of him and want him to fuck off cuz that's what heels are for. While Roman is still a failure cuz babyfaces are supposed to be cheered.

  4. Oh noooooo…Hulk said some stuff behind closed doors and in private that did ZERO physical harm to anyone and broke ZERO laws. So we must shame him forever no matter how much he has apologized because none of us but him have ever said or did anything wrong we regret later. REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  5. watch Reigns win the title the day after Lesnar beats Punk's record. It boggles my mind that people don't see this. Reigns will be back on top when Lesnar beats Punk's record.

  6. They should make Roman disappear for a year and 1/2. I feel like WWE aren’t as patient with their wrestlers as they used to be. If they build a storyline of Roman no showing an event, then having him stay low on social media. I think his progression in the business will turn into success.

  7. What I don't get about this is in what world was Lesnar supposed to touch the floor first? The only safe way to do that would have been with Reigns not going down with him because in any other case, Lesnar would land on the position he landed on his back on the cage, opening the very likely possibility of Reigns hitting the floor first by flying a bit further/not landing on the cage. So I can only wonder what they were thinking when booking that ending. One possibility is that they thought people wouldn't pay attention, that we would not question this situation.

  8. Ronan didn't win his feet didn't hit the floor first one foot was on the appron look it up or simply watch the end of the match again. As much as I hate to say it brock was actually the true clean winner

  9. I wonder if they'll hold up on the trigger again. Imagine the Brock v. Reigns feud being about Roman finally winning rather than for the title. I don't know. I wouldn't be opposed.


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