WWE Champion Jinder Mahal tosses Shinsuke Nakamura over the barrier: WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal tosses Shinsuke Nakamura over the barrier: WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

Source: WWE Youtube


  1. The hatred for Jinder is understandable.He is really having a terrible reign as champion.But that doesn't mean Shinsuke Nakamura deserves the title.Someone like A.J Styles deserves it or even Randy Orton would be a good choice.Due to lack of superstars on Smackdown they had to go for Jinder.

  2. WWE is stupid and they wondering why their attendance are down because of this BS booking. WWE, take a hint and get the belt off from Jinder Mahal before you loose more viewers and shrinking attendance. Even People of India don’t like Jinder especially as a heel.

  3. Americans making a Canadian(trying hard to act like Indian) and Japanese fight just to expand their business in India & proving NJPW wrestler suck

  4. This wasn't even a bad match I don't get why so many of you hate jinder, get off his back seriously he's just doing what he's told. He makes a great heel champion and his Mic work is more convincing than most on the roster

  5. Hey everybody upset that Jinder won, think about it this way, when the they take the title off him, it’s gonna be one of the greatest moments in wwe championship history

  6. I hate how he is still the champion and Nakamura has proven himself by beating former great Champion like Randy and John Cena so why can't he beat him

  7. I am from punjab india and i hate jinder not for he is cheting or anythink else i hate him because he is terible wresler and i am unsubscribing wwe network

  8. This was painful to watch… Nakamura's back must be hurting as hell from carrying Sinkhs and Mahal through that match… The whole wwe title is a joke at this point… And you're ruining your stars as well… Nakamura can put a great matches like we seen on NXT with Balor and Samoa Joe or even Sami Zayn… But Jinder had a food and toilet break matches at best… So what's next for WWE Champion Jinder Mahal… Perhaps a Kickoff match against Curt Hawkins from Raw…

  9. Jinder burried nakamura with him,brock lesnar is 100 percent better than jinder,his feuds are top,just watch his summerslam match


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